THE COMMON GOOD: The Enterprise of Art

16 May – 15 Sept. 2008 PAN | palazzo arti napoli, Neaples, Italy.

Curator Julia Draganovic wanted to look with this group exhibition at the current discourse in artistic position between Beuys’s and Warhol’s approach towards economy. My work contained two pieces. Inside the museum, I was invited to introduce the Leftover-Penny Campaign in Germany (1998-2002). As on outdoor piece, I proposed a site-specific version of the Leftover-Penny Campaign in for the duration of the show and for the people of Naples: INIZIATIVA CENTESIMO AVANZATO. The project collected one Euro cents and wishes/ ideas for the city of Naples by their citizens. In this project, the parameters were different from Germany: I was a foreigner without any connection to the culture or language. I needed people to run the project. The project was invited by a museum, a city funded art institution with its own politics and standing. The duration of the project was short, 5 months in total. Every day, an open, unprotected tray of cents was put onto the street in front of the museum. The people in the museum, the employers, the security team employed by the city and the cleaners were in charge of the project as I was not there. They distributed the postcards with information to their neighbourhoods, they took care of the coins, typed the wishes….

21st  November 2008: A group of three artists, three members of the museum staff and three employees of the Goethe Institute in Naples took part in the decision process. 259 730 cents had been collected = 259,73 Euros. And 474 wishes. Julia moderated the decision process, I made the documentation. The discussion took place in Italian. It was 3 h vivid discussion at the end between two ideas: Wish 65: Creare nel museo uno spazio permanente per i bambini dove possano esporre le loro opere e interagire con adulti e coetanei con tanti materiali creativi! / To create a permanent space in the museum for children, in which they can exhibit their works as well as meet adults and peers and get connected to many creative skills and tools. And wish 78: Ancorare un pallone aerostatico in una piazza centrale della città con una grande scritta: la camorra sarà solo un brutto ricordo un giorno /// A ballon on a central place in the city with the inscription: One day the camorra will have been just a bad memory.

The jury decided for wish 65. They felt that this wish was political, poetic and highly visible as it guaranteed a pubic platform of the future generation of Naples via art.

My Catalogue Contribution as PDF for downloading here:  L’Imprese dell’Arte

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